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Audiobook-CreatorAudiobook Creator

Creates Audiobooks from ebooks

Audiobook creator is an app which enables the creation of audiobooks from ebooks (epub). It converts ebooks to audiobooks using text to speech technology. You can listen to it on the go with a music player, smart phone or on your computer. The generated audiobook is the default itunes audiobook format (m4b), and it can be used in iTunes, or transferred to ipod or iphones.

Ideal for a visually impaired person - like me, that is. Thank you, developers, for this app. I’ve been struggling with reading iBooks via the Speech Service, but that system only allows me to read a single chapter at a time: no pausing, no repeating a phrase, no stopping until the whole chapter’s read! This app will allow me to enjoy books more and generally have a life not tied to the computer for an hour at a time! Pity the first book I wish to read is DRM encrypted :-( However, the second on my list isn’t :-) Please, everybody, tell all your visually impaired, book reading friends about Audiobook Creator. Songwrighta

Such a fantastic little app I came across this app about a month ago as one of the few apps to convert an ePub ebook into an audiobook that my iPhone bookmarks, allowing me to carry on listening where I left off. I reached out to the developer to request it to pass the chapter markers from the eBook to the audiobook allowing me to skip chapters. The developer not only replied but has released this update. The app works great, taking the high quality text-to-speech voices in OS X to narrate the book you simply drag and drop onto it. You can choose from any installed voice and set the read rate. This has made reading books possible whilst in the car without spending money buying the audiobook. REMEMBER, it doesn’t support DRM protected books for obvious reasons, but for DRM free books, it’s essential. Ben

Drag and drop, and the job’s done. PDF and other formats converted into the default speaking voice. While not the most soothing voice, it can be useful for reviewing material. Nice work. GrantMeStrength

I use this app to help me study. I convert the PDF of the articles I have to read and listen to them while I exercise. This makes my life much easier. I highly recommend it. AlwaysonDGo

So worth it!!!!! I have tried a few different TTS programs and this is my favourite, it is so easy to just convert anything to an audio file and pop it on my ipod to listen to on my commute, at the gym, or sneakily at work!!! Works so well, has great voices and options and will be using it so many times in the future, has saved me so much money on audio books! Muggleo

This app definitely takes ebooks in many different forms and converts them into spoken text. I wish, however, that it was smarter about stripping out repeated headings, page numbers, etc. or at least prvided options to do these things. ebrts
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Please find the tutorial on How to convert an ebook to an Audiobook. Or for more tutorials please click here


Audiobooks are great while commuting or when you have no time to sit down and read. Audiobook creator uses text to speech technology provided by Mac OS X and it supports all the languages that are supported by Mac. Make sure to go to application preferences to select your desired voice for the language. Additional voices can be downloaded in system settings.


The ebooks have to be DRM free, otherwise it will not work. Currently it only supports epub ebook file formats. It is the most popular ebook format and there are lot of digital publishers who offer books in this format for free or paid. Please see the website for more about the publishers. Large books will require more time to convert, but audiobook can handle any large size without any problem within 5 minutes.

Text To Speech

Audiobook creator uses text to speech technology provided by Mac OS X and it supports all the languages that are supported by Mac. Make sure to go to application preferences to select your desired voice for the language. OS X support (and so Audiobook Creator) these languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish , Swedish, Thai, Turkish.

Digital Publishers

Here are some links to websites which offer DRM-free ePub-books

  • Gutenberg Project is one of the most famous sources for free ePub eBooks. They offer about 30,000 books in many different languages.
  • Manybooks.net offers more than 26,000 free eBooks in many different languages. Definitely a place to go when you are searching for free eBooks.
  • PragProg, O’Reilly Media, Manning, are some of our favourites for technical books
  • Please also consider to support independent/open source publishers
  • For a more comprehensive list please see Wikipedia

More can be read on Where to get DRM-free ebooks

Additional Voices

Additional voices can be downloaded in system settings. To download additional voices from Apple, go to System Preferences -> Speech -> Text to Speech -> System Voice -> Customize... then choose additional voices to download (click 'OK' button). Once the download has completed relaunch you can use them with the app.

For more, please read How to Download new voices


This software is for your own personal use only, do not distribute the generated files by any means. We cannot be held responsible and/or liable for any mistakes or omissions in the exchange of data. Each ebook have its own copyrights, trademarks or patents. Please check the ebook what your rights are before converting the book.